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Placer SPCA Humane Education
Placer Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal humane educationPlacer SPCA's Humane Education Program entails a wide variety of activities that aim to educate our youth of the importance of respecting all creatures great and small. 

We have designed a comprehensive program that offers numerous unique and interactive activities, which encourage students to be advocates and leaders in their communities by demonstrating and teaching others how to be kind, responsible, and empathetic toward all animals.


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bullet Youth for Animals Club
bullet Poster & Writing Contest - submissions accepted starting January 1, 2014
bullet School/Group Presentations
bullet Scout Programs
bullet Volunteering opportunities for ages 13 through 17
bullet Teen Foster Program
bullet Humane Heroes
bullet Community Service Projects
bullet Guided Tours
bullet Information Tables/Event Staffing
bullet Humane Kids Camp - begins again in June of 2014.

Placer SPCA

To view our brochure on Youth Education, please click on the pdf files below.
bullet Youth Education brochure, side 1
bullet Youth Education brochure, side 2


For more information, contact Placer SPCA by calling (916) 782-SPCA (7722) or (530) 885-PETS (7387) ext. 253, send us email or complete our online information request


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